We will be running a series of Baby Sign and Sensory courses for parent/carers and their babies

We will be running a series of Baby Sign and Sensory courses for parent/carers and their babies

We are delighted to receive a Reconnect Grant from KCC to run a series of Baby Sign and Sensory courses for parent/carers and their babies, to promote bonding, attachment and communication skills.

It’s also a great opportunity for parents/carers and their babies to build friendships and social networks.

Using songs, music, play and stories, each week builds a repertoire of useful Makaton based sign language to help young children and their care givers communicate in everyday life.

Courses are delivered by Sarah Vaughan, who is a qualified teacher with a specialism in Early Years Education and child development. She has a wealth of experience in supporting children and families and has worked as a baby sign instructor. 

Sarah has completed Makaton training levels 1 – 4 and is a qualified infant massage and story massage instructor.

A message from Sarah:

“As a mum of three, I learned to sign alongside my children when they were babies, and it really opened my eyes to the positive effects of good communication.  My children could tell me what they wanted to eat, when they wanted milk, if they were tired and even what animal they were looking at when we went to the zoo!

I learned to teach baby sign as they grew older, and now I have created my own course, Story Time Sign, to support other families. I am looking forward to supporting you and your little ones on this incredible adventure”

Parents/carers choose a course depending on their baby’s age and can progress through to the next course as their child moves to the next age group.

Newborns   (0 – 6 months )

Baby signing classes suitable for babies aged 6 weeks – 6 months. 

In our newborn class we focus on lots of gentle, face to face interactions, songs, games and of course very simple baby signs

Babies  (7 months to 15 month )

These sessions are designed to teach parent/carers and babies some useful signs to use together at home and when you are out and about. Combined with stories, songs, games, and sensory activities, baby and grown-ups can enjoy learning to sign together in a relaxed and fun way. Signing in these sessions will be related to self, and the home.  Things like food, routine, families, and pets.

Toddlers (16 months to 2 years)

These are our liveliest classes! Language is starting to develop now, and little ones are up and mobile and enjoying physical activities such as dancing and movement. In these sessions we will use baby signing to introduce more abstract ideas such as colours, the weather, animals, transport and more, as well as using all of the signs we learned in earlier classes.

Course starts from 26th April.