Aylesham and the surrounding area

Supporting people in this community since 1997
Bechange works with

Adults, families and young people

Bechange works with adults, families and young people who need support to make lasting change to reach positive futures.

Bechange works with communities in Aylesham and the surrounding areas.

Our values:

we respond to anyone who needs our help
we see the whole person, not just the need
we listen and respond to local need
we believe in the power of community and working together in partnership
we strive to help individuals reach

How we support the community...

Bechange is a charity that works with local people to help them build skills, confidence, healthy relationship and good mental and physical health.

We run a community hub in the heart of Aylesham, a former mining area in East Kent and have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities, including a large kitchen, training rooms, a hall and a community garden.

We support people based on their individual needs, giving practical and emotional help at critical moments, in order to stop people from becoming overwhelmed during times of crisis.

Through us people gain new skills, improve financial understanding, access their entitlements, have improved wellbeing and more positive relationships with their family, neighbours and friends.

We provide a wide range of services for children, families, young people and adults, to support growth, health and learning, giving everyone an opportunity to achieve their goals and transform their lives.
Adults supported in the last year
4500 Kg
Still good to eat food distributed
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