Adult Education Courses



Ackholt Rd, Aylesham CT3 3AJ

We work with Kent Adult Education to offer a range of courses to help adults gain skills for employment, volunteering or restart a journey towards learning.

You can choose from a number of accredited courses such as:

  • Food Safety;
  • First Aid;
  • Health and Safety.

There are also a range of course that are designed to help with confidence and self development.

Most of these courses are completed in one day, with the exception of Level 1 Aware Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, which is completed over two days.

Do I qualify?

These adult education courses are available to people who are over 19, unwaged or low wage and looking to use those courses to increase prospects of employment, volunteering or to restart their learning.  These course are Free for those that qualify

What’s on offer

Accredited courses

Supported by CITB this qualification teaches the principles of risk assessment for maintaining and improving health & safety at work; the importance of a safe manual handling and working safely at height in the workplace; the risks to health within a construction environment and the importance of working safely around a plant and equipment.

Successful learners who complete level 1 and the knowledge test can apply for a CSCS labourers card on line.

This qualification is designed for those who use substances hazardous to health at work. It is relevant in many industries including hairdressing and beauty, catering & cleaning. It introduces substances and the risks and controls available and outlines what to expect from a COSHH assessment.

 This qualification is delivered through hands on learning, practical teaching, demonstrations and a theory test. An Emergency First Aid at Work certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course which is valid for 3 years

This is an essential qualification for anyone looking to work (or volunteer) in food preparation in a café, restaurant or organisation. It is the legal minimum requirement in order to handle food in the workplace. The course covers food safety hazards, all aspects of temperature control, food handling and storage.

The following courses are designed to help with increasing skills that help you move towards employment – modules are 2 hours long.

For those who are confident with the basics of computing but would like to know more about specific areas, such as the internet and email, word processing, spreadsheets, web-based buying and selling, online banking and engaging with public services

Transferable Skills What do you love? What sets you apart? What makes you unique? Use Mind Maps to identify skills, strengths, values and needs of specific jobs to inform decision making and applications. How to change jobs or work areas whilst benefiting from the experience you have.

Interview Practice Build confidence by looking at common interview questions and thinking about our own answers. Use strategies to make a strong first impression, explore stress management specific to interviews. Discuss and demonstrate answering common interview questions.

Make social media work for you, making the most of online resources. Finding those jobs that are not advertised.