Community Fridge


Our Community Fridge is open:

10am to 2pm
Monday to Thursday


9.30am to 2pm
on Friday

Community Larder Plus


When our Community Larder Plus is available:

9.30am until it is gone

Community Fridges are spaces where anyone can access free, quality food that may otherwise go to waste. 

They are a simple solution to wasting less through the sharing quality food to benefit people in the community.

We work with partners Foodshare Kent, who for a small handling fee, provide us with good quality food that can no longer be sold for a variety of reasons, such as damaged packaging or short-shelf life. 

This doesn’t have an impact on the standard or safety of the food items available. 

How it works:  

Receiving food:

Our Community Fridge is open 10am to 2pm Monday to Thursday and 9.30am to 2pm on Friday.

  •  Read the disclaimer displayed 
  • Select the food you would like *Please be considerate and only take what you need. The project is open regularly and you are welcome to return another day.  
  • Bring and reuse your bag
  • Check the food is still fresh  

Giving Food:

  • Is it at risk of being wasted?
  • Is it fresh and within its use-by date ?
  • Is it good to eat for at least 24 more hours?
  • Can we accept it – please see the exclusion list below 
  • Is the packaging unbroken ? 
  • Does the packing have a list of ingredients and allergens ?
  • Ask a member of the team to accept your unwanted food  

We cannon accept:  

  • Alcohol 
  • Cooked food from your home or unregistered sources 
  • Unpasteurised milk 
  • Cooked rice 
  • Raw milk cheese
  • Pates
  • Bean Sprouts 
  • Loose bakery products with no labelling of allergens
  • Products that could contain any of the above ingredients.   

Community Larder Plus 

When available our volunteers will pick up still good to eat food from local supermarkets and this will be made available at our hub. 

Generally, this is picked up and made available on a Friday morning. 

You can pick this up at our hub from 9.30am until it has gone.

On occasions we receive donations of fruit or vegetables from Deal with-it gleaners – They are a group of volunteers that collect left over crops from fields that will not be sold.