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“The support I receive is brilliant. Everyone is really approachable: they listen to how I feel and help me face up to what I know I need to do. Then they support me to do it”

“The advice and training I received gave me the confidence boost I needed to move back into work”

“We get everything we need from the staff – they have been really helpful and patient with me and it’s so helpful to access support with lots of things in one place, rather than explaining myself over and over again”

“I was fearful of returning to work after such a long time, but they listened to me and helped me to grow my confidence and now I’m back at work”

“The staff helped to bring me out of myself by meeting other people on courses. They supported me through a difficult time with my relationship breaking down and got me help with access to my daughter and the right benefits”

“Bechange helped bring us closer together as a family”

What we do...

Bechange is a charity. We work with adults who need our support to make lasting change to reach positive futures.

Bechange works with communities throughout the Dover District, providing support with:

Skills and EmploymentFinance and HousingFamilies and Relationships

Right now, thousands of adults need our support. With your help, we'll reach them.